Superbowl Party of the Century


For many, this coming Sunday will be filled with watching the big screen, eating delicious hors d’oeuvres anddrinking.  If you are throwing your own Superbowl party here are some ideas to incorporate the spirit of the game:

*Rent extra tables and chairs- With chairs starting at just $1 each it’s easy to make sure you have enough seating for all of your guests. If you are having a buffet style party make sure you have a few extra tables to place all of your food on.

* Rent linens for your tables – We have several different styles and colors, including purples, golds, and reds to help show your team spirit!

* Rent tableware- What could be better than not having to wash and put away all your own dishes after a get together? When you rent tableware from DeeJay’s you simply scrape the food off the plates and put them back in the racks they came in.

* Rent food prep items: We have several items that will make hosting your party easier!

  • Chafer dishes will keep your wings and other munchies warm for hours! Sterno fuel is included
  • Drink dispensers – If you are going to be serving a lot of tea/water/juice etc, it is easier to pre-make your beverage in a 5-10 gallon drink dispenser. It will keep your drinks cold as well!
  • Cake/cupcake stands, food trays, platters, and coolers
  • Patio heaters
  • Trash cans

We also sell helium and propane!

Whatever your plans end up being for Sunday’s big game, we hope you all stay safe and have fun!

Call us for a quote today! 919-255-3335

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We’re Feeling the Love!

Woot! We love knowing how you guys feel about us! Check out our most recent review on Yelp:

“Wow is all I can say about DeeJays customer service. Working with Luren and Don has been a pleasure. They have gone above and beyond every standard of customer service to help my daughter out with all of the necessary party rentals for her Fall wedding. I can’t wait for the wedding!”

Pretty awesome, right? We appreciate the kind words, thank you!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page!

Also, we recently joined Pinterest! More pins coming soon!

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DeeJay’s How-To: St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s day is almost here! Want to really WOW your crowd this weekend? Irish or not, these drinks will have your friends green with envy! Want to know the best part? These drink recipes are super fast and easy to make.

What’s better than an ice cold beer? A GREEN ice cold beer served in one of our pilsner glasses.

* (1) Beer – preferably a light beer, the green shows up better.
* (1) Glass pilsner glass
* (1-2) Drops of green food coloring. – Try to use the liquid coloring, it dissolves much easier.

Pour 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring into the bottom of the pilsner glass. Slowly pour your beer on top. ENJOY!

Wow the non-alcoholic drinkers in your crowd with this fun, fizzy, green drink. This look is created by using our Irish Coffee Mugs.

* (1) Irish Coffee Mug
* 6oz. ginger ale
* lemons or limes
* (1-2) drops of green food coloring
* Green colored sugar

Dampen the rim of your Irish Coffee Mug with the lemon or lime slice. Rim your glass with the green colored sugar. Drop 1-2 drops of the green food coloring into the bottom of the glass. Pour your ginger ale into the Irish coffee mug and enjoy!

We have other items you may need for your event too.

*Coolers and chafer dishes
*China and tableware
*Linens for your tables and napkins
*A/V equipment and karaoke machines
*Games for kids AND adults
*And much more!

Check out our website or call our offices today to speak with an event coordinator!

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Kickoff Your Party Right with DeeJay’s!

Throwing around some ideas for a great Superbowl party? Let us help!

Your guests are going to expect four basic things: a TV, snacks, drinks, and a seat. We have plenty of 4’, 6’, and 8’ tables available to help create snack bars, buffets, drink tables, etc. Couch not big enough? Not a problem. We also have chairs starting at just a $1 each.

Want to kick your party up a notch? How about serving fresh popcorn and margaritas? Our Popcorn is simple to use and there is nothing like homemade movie theater popcorn. Plus, the machine will keep the popcorn warm through the entire game. For the non beer drinkers, our frozen drink machines are easy to set up and operate, and we offer a variety of

non-alcoholic based flavors. Try serving your frozen drinks in a margarita or martini glass (only $2.16 for a rack of 6)!  Don’t forget a big cooler for all that SuperBowl beer! For extra flair, try our pilsners or wine glasses.

Renting dishes has a double benefit: You will have clean and matching dishes for your guests, and you don’t have to worry about washing them. Simply scrape off any waste and put the dishes back in the racks. That’s it!

As always, DeeJay’s is committed to helping you have the best event you can. If you have any questions or would like a quote, feel free to give us a call! 919-255-3335

Want to learn how to make these cupcakes? Check out Hello, Cupcake!

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Winter is Here!

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Year’s are all right around the corner.

Whatever your needs are this Holiday Season, DeeJay’s Event Rentals LLC has what you are looking for. 

  • Extra tables/chairs for your Holiday Dinner.
  • How about dishware that you don’t have to wash!
  • Step your table up a notch with linens in holiday colors.
  • Is the house just too small for all your family & guests?  Bring the party outdoors with a heated tent.

Give us a call at (919)255-3335 and let us help you with your winter festivities!

And yes, we do rent Santa suits.

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

DeeJay’s Event Rentals LLC would like to thank all of the men and women who are serving or have served our country!

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Look who Called on DeeJays!

Many might recall that President Obama visited Cree on June 13th here in the Triangle area.  Here’s a photo;

Tables, chairs, black skirting and white linens for the tops of the tables, pipe and drape (along with some tents) all supplied by DeeJay’s!  Pretty cool, huh?

Created: June 13, 2011
Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster – AP

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Paper Lanterns

These simple little items can be found anywhere from your local Wally to the dollar store.

No matter what type of celebration you are having, paper lanterns are an easy, inexpensive way to add finesse to your event and enhance the ambiance.  Not sure how to hang them?  No problem if you have a drop ceiling.  Purchase some Lucite string and attach to the lantern. Attach the other end to a Lucite ball and pop the ball up into the ceiling where you want it to hang. Voila!

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Are you having a Superbowl party?  Its not too late to get some rental items to make your life easier AND enhance your day.  Get your team colors and make a statement.  Add some fun paper plates/napkins like in the photo below and you are done.

Or you could bump it up a notch with some real dishes.  Did you know if you rent items like dishes and linens, you do not have to clean them afterwards?  Simply, scrape off the food (rinse if you can) and put them back in the racks dirty.  How easy is that?  $9.60 for a rack of 24 plates.  $4.55 for 13 flare pilsner glasses.

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Wedding Reception Inspiration

We put together a little bit of wedding inspiration. Enjoy!

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Thanks for visiting DeeJay’s Event Center and Event Rentals Blog.  In the coming days, we’ll be posting notices on promotions and sales, party planning tips, articles and even how-to videos.

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