Pump Up Your Party!

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for cook outs, barbecues, reunions, and block parties. Throwing your own bash soon? Follow these tips to help win “Party of the Year”. Here are some accessories we offer that will keep your guests laughing and dancing all night long.

  • Sound: It is easier than ever to be your own DJ. Just set up a playlist on your computer, iPod, smartphone, etc. and let our speakers with built in bass do the rest. A two speaker sound system comes with all the stands and cables you need to plug in your music. We offer a two speaker sound system package for $150.
    • We also carry karaoke machines. Our karaoke packages include the machine, two microphones, and over 800 songs and start at just $50! All you need is a monitor (you can use your own or rent one for $15) and you are ready to rock out. Artists include The Beatles, Queen, N’Sync, Madonna, Katy Perry, Journey, Bon Jovi, and more!!
  • Atmosphere: No one likes to sit in the sweltering heat while trying to relax. Our tents aren’t just made to protect your guests from rain, they protect your guests from the sun also. It will provide a shaded area to sit and relax. A tent will also protect your food from things that may fall from the sky. 
  • What’s better than sitting in the shade? Sitting in the shade with a BREEZE going. We carry commercial grade fans of all sizes. Starting at just $40 each, we offer pedestal