How much tent do you need?

40x80 tent exampleAnd you thought you’d never find a real-world use for geometry.

Probably the number one question our customers ask about tents is, what size do I need? While we are more than happy to figure this out for you if you call or e-mail, many people have requested a how-to so they can do some preliminary planning on their own.

We carry everything from 10’x10′ on up, moving up in 10′ increments. Don’t be intimidated by the huge range of sizes; the great thing about having your wedding or party in a tent instead of in a building is that you can build the space that works for you.

This is going to take some math, but don’t worry, it’s easy math. You can also use a program like this one to help you out. It even has a simple sketch program to let you arrange your tables and chairs inside the tent. You can also check out our main site, where we’ve got pre-made layouts to help you visualize. Layouts for small weddings | Layouts for 75-200 | Layouts for 250+ Weddings

1. Take your guest count. If you’re seating people at 60″ round tables, you need 100 square feet per 8 guests. If you’re seating them at long tables, you need 80 square feet per 8 guests. Example: 150 guests, divided by 8, comes to 18.75 round tables (if you don’t get a whole number, round up because you can’t sit at half a table). 19×100 = 1900 square feet.
2. You need room for your head table & buffet tables. Assuming a 12-person bridal party and 3 or 4 buffet tables, Add 800 square feet.
3. Other items: Are you having a stage for the band? Are you having a dance floor? All of these are going to take up real estate in your tent. For stages and dance floors especially, you need more than the actual size of these items, since nobody wants to sit two feet away from the stage. If I was using a 12×12 dance floor, I’d give it at least a 16×16 area, adding 256 square feet to the tent.
Total square footage: 2856
This number is the minimum square footage you need. If you get a tent smaller than this, you’re going to have problems.

Now you know your square footage. Now, all you have to do is match it up to the appropriate tent. If you are thinking about a 40×60 tent, multiply 40 x 60 and get 2400 square feet. That’s not big enough, in this case, but a 40×80, at 3200 square feet, is.