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General FAQs

How do I place an order?
- Just call us at 919-255-3335. You can use the cart for planning purposes if you desire, but as of yet there is no way to reserve inventory online. In order to reserve, we require a 1/2 down deposit. The balance is due the day before delivery.

Is there a deadline for placing an order?
- We do not have a deadline, but during busy months we will run out of rental items and delivery slots, so we recommend booking in advance so you can be sure to get what you want. With special-order linens we ask for 3 weeks advance notice.

Can I pick up these tables so I don't have to pay the delivery fee?
- Absolutely. Almost everything but tents can be picked up with a big enough vehicle.

If I pick up chairs on Friday, how long can I keep them?
- Our hours change with the seasons, please be sure to check our contact page or Facebook page for current hours. If you pick up Friday, you have up until Sunday 9-12 to return. Saturday 9-4 pick ups are due back no later than Monday. If you need the item for longer, we have special pricing for long-term rentals.

Where are you Located?
- We are located at 704 Beacon Lake Dr. in Raleigh, North Carolina. See our Directions and Map. This is our only location, but we deliver to the Triangle, Triad, and beyond.

Do you deliver to ########?
- We deliver anywhere. Delivery within Raleigh starts at $70 during normal business hours. For delivery outside those areas, please see our list of Standard Delivery Rates. If your city is not on the list, you can estimate the fee to be the distance in miles from our location times $3/mile.

Inflatables / Games FAQs

Will a Bounce Castle fit into the back of my SUV?
- Most of our inflatables will fit into the back of a pick-up truck, SUV, or even a minivan with fold-down seats. Please note that inflatables are heavy. If you are picking it up from our warehouse, we can help you load it into your vehicle, but it takes at least two to unload it.

How do I set up a bounce castle?
- We can set up your bounce castle when we deliver it, or you can set it up yourself--it isn't difficult. All you need to do is spread the tarp (included), unroll the bounce castle / slide, and plug the air pump into an ordinary wall plug. The 13'x13' castle inflates in 5-10 minutes; larger inflatables take a little longer. NOTE: Inflatables draw a lot of power. Be sure you don't overload your circuit.

How large is the Dunk Tank? Can I pick it up from your warehouse myself?
- Our dunk tank holds 500 gallons of water. You can pick it up yourself if you have a truck or an SUV with a 2" ball hitch. It comes on its own trailer. The water is not included. It takes 1-2 hours to fill the dunk tank, depending on your water pressure.


Tent FAQs

I'm having a wedding reception with 100 guests. What size tent do I need?
- You can use our tent layouts to get a rough estimate, but for firmer numbers, call us at (919) 255-3335.


I'm interested in buying (not renting) a used tent/table/chair/tablecloth. Do you sell used rental items? How much would that cost?
- Yes, anything we rent we can sell. Call us at 919-255-3335 for pricing. Please do not e-mail these requests.

Important Information for Nonprofits

"Non-Profit" and "Tax Exempt" are not the same. Typically, nonprofits and churches pay tax and later fill out forms and are reimbursed the tax by the government.

Sales And Use Tax Technical Bulletins - Effective 2/01/07 Section 17
1- Purchases of taxable tangible personal property by hospitals not operated for profit, educational institutions not operated for profit, churches, orphanages, and other charitable or religious institutions or organizations not operated for profit and qualified retirement facilities whose property is excluded from property tax under G.S. 105-278.6A are subjected to sales or use tax when such property is purchased for use or consumption. Sales of building materials, supplies, fixtures, and equipment to contractors for use in performance of contracts with any nonprofit entity named in this bulletin are also subject to sales or use tax.
2- Purchases of tangible personal property by nonprofit entities such as chambers of commerce, civic clubs, fraternities, sororities, or other fraternal, civic, or patriotic organizations for use or consumption are subject to sales or use tax and such organizations are not entitled to any refund.
3- When any nonprofit entity named in G.S. 105-164. 14(b) makes taxable purchase of tangible personal property from a North Carolina supplier or a registered out-of-state supplier who charges the North carolina and any applicable local sales or use tax thereon, such nonprofit entity must remit the tax on such purchases to the supplier.



What is the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent?
- Our small tents are only available in frame style, but our larger tents are available in both frame and pole styles. Pole tents are easier to erect and can stay up for 1-3 days. They are popular for wedding receptions because people like their sweeping, elegant curves. Frame tents take more time to erect, but can stay up for weeks or even months.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?
Orders or items contained therein can be cancelled up to 7 days prior to date of Delivery / Customer Pickup for a FULL REFUND less cancellation fees, with the exception of tents. Tents can be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the date of Delivery / Customer Pickup for a FULL REFUND less cancellation fees. Any orders cancelled AFTER the above date restrictions will not receive ANY refund.

Inflatables & Dunk Booths CAN BE cancelled 24 hours prior to the date of Delivery / Pickup without penalty if Rain or Severe Weather is predicted.

Any orders created after the 7 day (or 14 day if applicable) restriction will not receive ANY refunds if cancelled.



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