Chairs, Chairs, Everywhere!

Here at DeeJay’s we have been hard at work this busy season. In between all of the graduations, weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties going on we have also added several new items in to our inventory. This weeks spotlight is on our new chairs!

Check out our new kids folding chairs! They match our adult standard white folding chairs. On top of being super adorable and just $1 each, these kids chairs fold and stack for easy transportation. Pair these chairs with our kids tables for your next party!

One of the hottest trends of 2012 so far has been the outdoor wedding theme. Whether you actually

Martini Madness

We’ve all seen the classic shrimp cocktail in a martini glass; but the ideas are endless for kicking up any appetizer up a notch. Have you ever had mashed potatoes with toppings galore squeezed into a glass cup? What about yogurt with fruit and granola?

Throw your own St. Patty’s Party!

Instead of spending hours at the bar trying to order a beer, why not throw your own St. Patty’s bash? We have everything you need to keep the party rocking all night.

-A/V Equipment: Skip the DJ and make your own playlist. Just about anything (Lap top, iPod, most smart phones) will plug into our commercial grade speakers. We also carry karaoke machines!

-Bars: If you want something more exciting then a regular table, consider adding a bar. This two tiered table comes either as a self serve or bartender type table equipped with linens. Bars start at just $50 and can be picked up from us or delivered to you.

-Dishes: Who likes to wash dishes? If you rent dishes from us, you don’t have to! Deck out your party with matching tableware sets. We offer several different types of plates, silverware, and glasses. Starting at just $0.40 a piece you can’t go wrong!

-Glassware: The most important step to remember is glassware. You can REALLY wow your crowd by serving green beer in a pilsner glass. For the non-alcohol drinkers try making a fizzy green ginger ale in an irish coffee mug! Check out our instructions below for tips on making sweet green drinks.

DeeJay’s How-To: