Warm Weather is Coming! Want To Know THE Best Mosquito Repellant?

Psssst!  We have a secret that we want to share!

There are a few precautions that you can take to keep bugs at bay for your outdoor wedding or event.



Burn some citronella spikes or candles around your yard. Yes, this does help. Mosquitoes hate the smell and steer clear.


Bouquet of lavender in a rustic decorative setting


Plan ahead by planting bug repelling plants on your property; such as catnip, lavender, citronella, basil, rosemary, geranium and more.  All are known to deter mosquitoes and bugs.

But what do you do to make sure mosquitoes don’t get past all your barriers?

Now we come to our secret, to what will REALLY help if these annoying biting insects get past all your defenses?




Insects such as mosquitoes can not fly in WIND….create a breeze with fans and you create a bug free zone!  What’s not to like about that?  We have just about any sort of fan you might want.  Misting fans, cool breeze (power freezer) fans, pedestal and event fans AND tent leg fans.  Ask us, we love talkingpedestal fan about fans.

Trends We Love

Trends used to come and go fairly quickly. Nowadays it seems that some trends are staying put and we don’t mind at all. Here is our spin on what is trending in the wedding market for 2017.

It is being said in circles that “rustic” is OUT but we’re not buying it. Our brides don’t do rustic to be trendy. Adding a faux burlap runner or napkin to accent is not only acceptable to us but adds a casual elegance – which is what we are finding brides want more of these days.farm table showroom

Farm Tables~  
These beautiful, handmade, rustic and simplistic tables add charm to any event or wedding. Perfect for smaller bridal party tables (also in this year), sweetheart table, buffet or dessert table. Farm tables stand on their own and do not need linens but you can add a runner to bring your accent colors to the table.


We love vintage and don’t see this trend going away EVER! Take something from the past and repurpose it for your wedding or event. An antique dresser for a bar. A footed porcelain tub serving iced beer or water bottles. Antique metal candy tins for centerpieces. The list goes on and on. We’ve seen some pretty amazing use of vintage items.

Whimsical can be so many things. Its about taking risks, being quirky, playful and romantic but most of all FUN! Bold, bright color palettes, think circus or rainbow or fairy settings with twinkling lights creating an enchanted forest.

Drone Photography~
Who doesn’t want to see their wedding drone viewfrom a tree top drone view? Drone photos can offer unique, breathtaking one of a kind photographs and videos of the best day of your life. It can be costly, ranging in price from about $500 to thousands but oh so rewarding! When else would you use drone photography than on the day of your wedding?

We can all be a little over focused on our smart phones at times, especially at events.


So is it any wonder that couples are wanting to step away from technology and have their guests focus on what they are all there to celebrate? The union of two people. Asking guests to switch off is not only NOT unreasonable but a welcome change. Besides, most couples hire a photographer and videographer, there is no need for a zillion random and often awkward shots/videos of the wedding.

Mismatched and Mixed~
From bridesmaid dresses to tableware to reception chairs, this eclectic trend is playful and practical.  Each table can be different with a different center piece.  Did we mention how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE mixing round and rectangular tables for guest seating??!!


We are excited for the 2017 wedding season to arrive so that we can see all the amazing ideas our planners and brides have shown us come to life. New and old trends alike should be prevalent.


Covering up with Pipe & Drape

So you’ve booked a venue for your party or wedding reception. The room is okay, except for these ugly exposed air ducts right where you wanted to put the cake table.

Pipe & drape, also known as “those black booths you see at trade shows,” can help.  All the pipe & drape that we carry at DeeJay’s is made from thick, shiny, semi-transparent  “Banjo” fabric. Red 8' high pipe & drape, with Champagne 11.5' behind it.We have black, of course, but we also carry a deep red, champagne, and pure white.

Our pipe & drape is entirely self supporting–no need to attach anything to the wall. The vertical pipes, attached to bases, support horizontal pipes, and the drape has a sleeve so the horizontal pipes can go through it. We provide enough drapes to get a “scrunch” effect which cuts down on the transparency of the fabric. Go to the main site for more information on sizes & pricing of pipe & drape

Before renting the pipe & drape, you need to find out a few things from your venue:

1. How high are the ceilings? We carry various heights from 8′ to 13′ pipe & drape. While it is adjustable horizontally, we cannot make it shorter.

2. Is what you want to cover okay to cover? Banquet halls generally frown on covering fire doors. You also shouldn’t cover a door that your guests or the waitstaff are going to be using during the event.

3. Champagne 11.5' Pipe & Drape, tied backThe pipe & drape needs to be disassembled before the event. It’s not a good idea to try to move it halfway through the party. You can tie the drapes back to the poles.

4. You can turn pipe & drape from a cover-up to an accent wall with the addition of some linens. Some customers rent our linens and drape them over the pipe & drape.8' Champagne Pipe & Drape with Burnt Orange Linens

Tent Accessories – What you need, what you don’t

Tent liner: You see these a lot in bridal magazines. It’s a floaty, parachute-looking lining, usually white or ivory, Pole Tentthough you can get insane colors for insane prices. Even in your basic white, these can get pretty expensive, usually 1x-4x the cost of the tent itself. Bridal magazines try to make these sound as essential as a best man and a marriage license, but fortunately, like sterling silver flatware, this is a fancy detail 98% of people can skip. Instead of a liner, get a pole tent. Check out the picture: the peak is made via one single pole instead of lots of interior frames and what-not, so you don’t even need a liner. And if you do get a liner, don’t blow a ton of money on a custom fuchsia-colored one with your name all over it, when you can use lighting effects on a normal liner to get a similar look.

Walls: $1-3 per linear foot (the perimeter of the tent). The perimeter of our imaginary 40×80 tent is 40+40+80+80, so you’d need 240 foot of wall. Solids, clear, and cathedral are standard. Fabric walls are nice, but they are strictly for decoration–they will not keep you dry.
Whether or not you need walls depends on time of year. The dead of summer? This is North Carolina. Skip the walls–they’ll just make your tent hot, and add fans instead. The winter? Get walls and heat. Some people try to use patio heaters inside tents, but don’t do that–get an actual tent furnace. These have a thermostat built in, just like the heat in your house, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it during your event, and 90% of it sits outside the tent so it doesn’t take up space. Plus you don’t have to worry about somebody knocking it over.

How much tent do you need?

40x80 tent exampleAnd you thought you’d never find a real-world use for geometry.

Probably the number one question our customers ask about tents is, what size do I need? While we are more than happy to figure this out for you if you call or e-mail, many people have requested a how-to so they can do some preliminary planning on their own.

We carry everything from 10’x10′ on up, moving up in 10′ increments. Don’t be intimidated by the huge range of sizes; the great thing about having your wedding or party in a tent instead of in a building is that you can build the space that works for you.

This is going to take some math, but don’t worry, it’s easy math. You can also use a program like this one to help you out. It even has a simple sketch program to let you arrange your tables and chairs inside the tent. You can also check out our main site, where we’ve got pre-made layouts to help you visualize. Layouts for small weddings | Layouts for 75-200 | Layouts for 250+ Weddings

1. Take your guest count. If you’re seating people at 60″ round tables, you need 100 square feet per 8 guests. If you’re seating them at long tables, you need 80 square feet per 8 guests. Example: 150 guests, divided by 8, comes to 18.75 round tables (if you don’t get a whole number, round up because you can’t sit at half a table). 19×100 = 1900 square feet.
2. You need room for your head table & buffet tables. Assuming a 12-person bridal party and 3 or 4 buffet tables, Add 800 square feet.
3. Other items: Are you having a stage for the band? Are you having a dance floor? All of these are going to take up real estate in your tent. For stages and dance floors especially, you need more than the actual size of these items, since nobody wants to sit two feet away from the stage. If I was using a 12×12 dance floor, I’d give it at least a 16×16 area, adding 256 square feet to the tent.
Total square footage: 2856
This number is the minimum square footage you need. If you get a tent smaller than this, you’re going to have problems.

Now you know your square footage. Now, all you have to do is match it up to the appropriate tent. If you are thinking about a 40×60 tent, multiply 40 x 60 and get 2400 square feet. That’s not big enough, in this case, but a 40×80, at 3200 square feet, is.

A Question on Tent Sizing

Some of our sharp-eyed customers have noticed that we carry multiple tents with the same square footage. For example, we carry both 20×60 tents and 30×40 tents (both have a square footage of 1200). Is there a reason to choose one over the other?

We recommend getting the squarest tent your site allows for two reasons:

1. Your guests will have an easier time mingling and all will feel included during important parts of the evening, like the cake cutting and the dances.

2. Wider tents are higher at the peak. This both looks better, and does a better job of keeping you cool. A 40’x60′ tent will be higher than

Wider. Is. Better.

A 40×40 tent in a parking lot.

a 30’x80′ tent from the same manufacturer. Use a long skinny tent if that’s all that will fit in your space, but if you have a choice get the wider tent.
That’s why it’s important to draw out what you’re actually doing. Graph paper works, but this program is easy to use and is a huge help.