2018 Trends Going Strong

Trends can disappear as quick as they appear.  A quick google image search can show you what is happening this year in weddings trends.

We searched for “2017 Wedding Table Decor Trends” and took a screenshot of what came up.  A glance at the image really says a lot.  We see NEUTRAL, BLUSH and GREENERY.  All ongoing trends that don’t seem to be losing steam.

We expect to see more of them in 2018, but what else?


Metallic Accents~

We are seeing more and more in metallic accents.  Adding shimmer and shine to any wedding, its easy to get creative with metallics.  Antique gold candlesticks, birdcages or even vintage jewelry to adorn centerpieces and bouquets.  From picture frames to your gold chargers on your tables, metallics can add a certain charm, especially when used with rustic decor.


Mixed Gender – Bridal Parties~

We love to see traditions evolve into something spectacular and new!  GroomsWomen and BridesMen are becoming more and more popular as couples create their own traditions.




 Food Stations~

We’ve been seeing them for years.  Food stations are one way that brides can really get creative.  Cheese bar for cocktail hour. Add 1-3 food stations to supplement the buffet line; a pretzel bar with various dips, potato/mashtini bar, oyster/shrimp bar, veggie bar, etc.   Donut walls or bars are popular for dessert.





We love the current trends and are happy to assist our brides in making them happen with their own personal creative spin on them.

Warm Weather is Coming! Want To Know THE Best Mosquito Repellant?

Psssst!  We have a secret that we want to share!

There are a few precautions that you can take to keep bugs at bay for your outdoor wedding or event.



Burn some citronella spikes or candles around your yard. Yes, this does help. Mosquitoes hate the smell and steer clear.


Bouquet of lavender in a rustic decorative setting


Plan ahead by planting bug repelling plants on your property; such as catnip, lavender, citronella, basil, rosemary, geranium and more.  All are known to deter mosquitoes and bugs.

But what do you do to make sure mosquitoes don’t get past all your barriers?

Now we come to our secret, to what will REALLY help if these annoying biting insects get past all your defenses?




Insects such as mosquitoes can not fly in WIND….create a breeze with fans and you create a bug free zone!  What’s not to like about that?  We have just about any sort of fan you might want.  Misting fans, cool breeze (power freezer) fans, pedestal and event fans AND tent leg fans.  Ask us, we love talkingpedestal fan about fans.

Trends We Love

Trends used to come and go fairly quickly. Nowadays it seems that some trends are staying put and we don’t mind at all. Here is our spin on what is trending in the wedding market for 2017.

It is being said in circles that “rustic” is OUT but we’re not buying it. Our brides don’t do rustic to be trendy. Adding a faux burlap runner or napkin to accent is not only acceptable to us but adds a casual elegance – which is what we are finding brides want more of these days.farm table showroom

Farm Tables~  
These beautiful, handmade, rustic and simplistic tables add charm to any event or wedding. Perfect for smaller bridal party tables (also in this year), sweetheart table, buffet or dessert table. Farm tables stand on their own and do not need linens but you can add a runner to bring your accent colors to the table.


We love vintage and don’t see this trend going away EVER! Take something from the past and repurpose it for your wedding or event. An antique dresser for a bar. A footed porcelain tub serving iced beer or water bottles. Antique metal candy tins for centerpieces. The list goes on and on. We’ve seen some pretty amazing use of vintage items.

Whimsical can be so many things. Its about taking risks, being quirky, playful and romantic but most of all FUN! Bold, bright color palettes, think circus or rainbow or fairy settings with twinkling lights creating an enchanted forest.

Drone Photography~
Who doesn’t want to see their wedding drone viewfrom a tree top drone view? Drone photos can offer unique, breathtaking one of a kind photographs and videos of the best day of your life. It can be costly, ranging in price from about $500 to thousands but oh so rewarding! When else would you use drone photography than on the day of your wedding?

We can all be a little over focused on our smart phones at times, especially at events.


So is it any wonder that couples are wanting to step away from technology and have their guests focus on what they are all there to celebrate? The union of two people. Asking guests to switch off is not only NOT unreasonable but a welcome change. Besides, most couples hire a photographer and videographer, there is no need for a zillion random and often awkward shots/videos of the wedding.

Mismatched and Mixed~
From bridesmaid dresses to tableware to reception chairs, this eclectic trend is playful and practical.  Each table can be different with a different center piece.  Did we mention how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE mixing round and rectangular tables for guest seating??!!


We are excited for the 2017 wedding season to arrive so that we can see all the amazing ideas our planners and brides have shown us come to life. New and old trends alike should be prevalent.


What is the Difference between Pole Tents and Frame Tents

We get this question ALL the time.  Which tent is “better” is about personal preference and budget. 

Frame and Pole tents differ not only in price but in structure. Both tents have 8ft tall perimeter poles (the size and make of tent determines spacing between these perimeter poles but they can range from 10ft to 15ft to 20ft).

  • Pole tents have not only the perimeter poles but they also have large poles running through the center of the tent every 20ft. Th40x100 pole cafe lighting2ese giant poles hold up the tent top. From the outside, this is what gives this tent the swoop effect that so many brides love.
  • Pole tents have many more perimeter poles and therefore many more stakes. As such, grass that can be staked in is the preferable surface.
  • Pole tents MUST use stakes to secure (they can not be water barreled or dead weighted with concrete blocks).
  • Pole tents are easier to put up/take down and are less expensive than their Frame counterparts.
    Pole tents usually require a minimum of a 10ft perimeter around the tent for proper build/installation.

30x60 (1)


  • Frame tents have a roof like structure built with tent poles that holds up the tent top. These are the preferable tents for long term installations as they have a higher wind tolerance.
  • Frame tents do not have any poles in the center of the tent freeing up square footage for unobstructed layouts.
  • Frame tents can be staked in the grass or asphalt (with drilling to stake and patching when we leave) but also on surfaces like concrete (or other non stakeable surfaces) using water barrels.
  • For a concrete space that will take a tent on a regular basis, we can install concrete lugs that are sunken into the concrete and from which we can tie off to when installing the tent alleviating the costs of using water barrels to secure the tent.