A Question on Tent Sizing

Some of our sharp-eyed customers have noticed that we carry multiple tents with the same square footage. For example, we carry both 20×60 tents and 30×40 tents (both have a square footage of 1200). Is there a reason to choose one over the other?

We recommend getting the squarest tent your site allows for two reasons:

1. Your guests will have an easier time mingling and all will feel included during important parts of the evening, like the cake cutting and the dances.

2. Wider tents are higher at the peak. This both looks better, and does a better job of keeping you cool. A 40’x60′ tent will be higher than

Wider. Is. Better.

A 40×40 tent in a parking lot.

a 30’x80′ tent from the same manufacturer. Use a long skinny tent if that’s all that will fit in your space, but if you have a choice get the wider tent.
That’s why it’s important to draw out what you’re actually doing. Graph paper works, but this program is easy to use and is a huge help.

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