Martini Madness

We’ve all seen the classic shrimp cocktail in a martini glass; but the ideas are endless for kicking up any appetizer up a notch. Have you ever had mashed potatoes with toppings galore squeezed into a glass cup? What about yogurt with fruit and granola?

Throw your own St. Patty’s Party!

Instead of spending hours at the bar trying to order a beer, why not throw your own St. Patty’s bash? We have everything you need to keep the party rocking all night. -A/V Equipment: Skip the DJ and make your own playlist. Just about anything (Lap top, iPod, most smart phones) will plug into our […]

Covering up with Pipe & Drape

So you’ve booked a venue for your party or wedding reception. The room is okay, except for these ugly exposed air ducts right where you wanted to put the cake table. Pipe & drape, also known as “those black booths you see at trade shows,” can help.  All the pipe & drape that we carry […]

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